About us

About us

Welcome to Slate and Marble my name is Rhys Jackson and I'm the person who created the brand. 

I started the brand as a way to express myself creatively, after being introduced to making slate plaques when working with my friend who was a stonemason. I loved working with the slate and learning various techniques to shape the stone and make the designs. 

I soon found myself obsessed with the process and the endless amount of ways I could apply these techniques to make different products. I enjoyed every aspect from working with my hands to the creative side of the designs. 

Over the years my passion has kept growing and so has the quality and individuality of the products. I always wanted to offer more then just slate products which is why Carrara marble was also introduced to the business. I only want the highest quality materials being used for the items we produce. Which is why we only use Welsh slate and Carrara marble

In my own, and the majority of people's opinion these materials are the best and most sought after types of slate and marble in the world. Both with countless examples of elegance and prestige throughout history with its uses.


All of our products are handmade by myself in Barry, South Wales. 

With help from my family who have taken on various roles over the years to assist me during busy spells. The brand wouldn't be what it is today without their continued help and support. All of our products are made with painstaking attention to detail to ensure the highest quality every time. 

Due to the nature of handcrafted products using natural materials, no 2 items are ever identical and therefore each product is unique in its own way

Each product has its own specific process when being crafted with some items taking longer to produce than others. 

One thing we do promise is "good things come to those who wait"

We love to be bold and different with our many shapes and designs you will rarely see, if ever elsewhere on the internet. With our powerful design tool allowing you to make your vision come to life. Which is one of the many reasons why we love making bespoke items for customers. Simply message us your idea and we will make it a reality. Providing its within our capabilities as we do have restraints on sizes for example. 

Our response and feedback has been tremendous so far and we would like to thank every customer to date for their support. 

Also a thank you for anyone reading this message or taking time out of their day to look at our work, we hope you like what you see and....

we hope to make your vision a reality one day.