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House sign trends 2019

Its the start of 2019 and we have already noticed a new trend from the end of 2018.. Photo Engraving! At the end of 2018 we saw a rise in House Signs with Photo Engravings and not just random photos or photos of family but pets in paticular. It seems to be the new craze with home owners getting a welsh Slate House Sign with a Photo Engraving of their beloved animal. Whether its a picture of their puppy or cat. We have also noticed these signs are also doubling up as Memorials for beloved pets that have passed away. Our customers have all said their signs mean so much more to them than just...

Welsh Slate, A National Treasure

Welsh Slate was to North Wales what Coal was to South Wales, These natural materials formed over millions of years In Wales where both found heavily in demand worldwide, for their quality and uses. The welsh Landscape Is shaped by slate from our beautiful coastlines to our magnificent mountain Welsh Slate is a prestigious natural stone and one worthy of being recognised the world over, for having an Impact on human culture. Since as far back as AD77 the Romans were using welsh slate for Roman forts in North Even today on the other side of the world In...