Welsh Slate, A National Treasure

Welsh Slate was to North Wales what Coal was to South Wales, Treasure! 

These natural materials formed over millions of years In Wales where both found heavily in demand worldwide, for their quality and uses. The welsh Landscape Is shaped by slate from our beautiful coastlines to our magnificent mountain Peaks. 

Welsh Slate is a prestigious natural stone and one worthy of being recognised the world over, for having an Impact on human culture. Since as far back as AD77 the Romans were using welsh slate for Roman forts in North Wales. 

Even today on the other side of the world In Australia they are replacing slate roof's with more Welsh Slate, Its not just the Physical quality but also its unique look which is sought after. Welsh Slate production has declined since it's peak when around 500,000 tons a year where being produced and shipped worldwide. The reason being is that cheaper man made alternatives are easier to obtain today. 

Which makes Welsh Slate in our opinion even more special today as it is almost more of a rarity. We Love using Welsh Slate as a Welsh business, keeping deep rooted Welsh traditions alive and well today. 

Our customers love the Welsh Slate products too and often from people all over the world, trying to get a piece of there Welsh roots shipped to where ever they call home today.  

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Welsh Slate, A National Treasure
Welsh Slate was to North Wales what Coal was to South Wales, These natural materials...