We are taking all precautions, to keep our staff and customers safe.  This is very important to us.

As we only, sell online, we can stay open and carry on working safely.

Q.  Do you take orders for outside of the UK?

A.  All Countries out side of the EU please message for a postage quote, sending name of country and 

     post code

     EU Countries, because of brexit, we are looking at best ways, to post our signs, Customers who

     can use a third party, for delivery, we are happy to post these in the UK, for no additional charge.

Q.  What payment methods do you accept ?
A.  Bank Transfer, Worldpay & Payal

Q.  How do I place my order?

A.  Through Website if possible.  Otherwise message and we can invoice and we
      have email links and payment options, for you.  Anything, to make ordering easy
      for you.

Q. When can I expect my delivery ?

A.  Dispatch is  7 - 10 working days  but can change, depending on how busy, we are.
     Message if you need anything, by a certain date.

Q.  How much does delivery cost?
A.   Free delivery UK Mainland only       

       If you live further afield but your address, still comes under UK,
       you need to email, for additional postage charge.  Otherwise, we
       will message and request, an additional charge.

Q.   What is your contact email address
A.   slateandmarble@gmx.co.uk

Q.   Do you sell Bespoke Signs?

A.   Yes we do.  If you can't find size, please email, we cut signs to order.  Max 60 x 30cm

Q.   Do you have a choice of colour options?

A.   White, Gold, Silver, Dove Grey, Ivory, Cream, Green, Blue, Red, Black etc.

Q.   Do you sell different thickness's of  Welsh Slate?

A.   Sorry, we just sell 12mm.

Q.   Do you have different edges?

A.   Yes, Rustic & Polished Edges.
       However if you'd like a Neorustic Edge  (as in our gallery)  Please email.

Q.   Do you have different options, on pre drilled holes?

A.   Yes, we can pre drill holes - 2 Holes are our usual but we also pre drill 4 Holes.
       If you prefer 4 Holes, please add to notes.  We also offer Hidden Fixings - we drill
       into back of slate.  If you'd prefer your sign, without holes, please add to notes.

Q.   Do you provide the fixing kits?

A.   Yes, we provide kits - screws, wall plugs & dome shaped screw caps.
       Hidden Fixings - we provide the threaded bars and customer provides epoxy resin.
       We have an email, with full instructions.
       Each Sign has a fixing kit included in the order. 
       Additional fixing kits, available to purchase on, website. 
       We can no longer, send extra caps out, if you lose any, after delivery.
       (we have had a large demand and can no longer finance these)
       Extras, will have to be purchased, Apologies.  

Q.   Do you have options, for fixing memorials & Garden Plaques?
A.    Request or add your choice to notes.   You can have pre drilled holes.
       Plinth or a Stake - options on website, to add.  If you would, like to
       lay flat, please add into notes, you do not require fixings.

Q.   Can you add a logo and is there an additional charge?

A.   Yes, we can add a logo.  Each logo costs an extra £15.
       We also need a clear image, PNG File is best.

Q.   Can you add a border.  Is there a charge?

A.   Yes you can.  Extra £2.99.

Q.   Can you add an image.  Is there a charge?

A.   Yes you can.  We have emblems, to choose from on website, Dragon, Shamrock & Thistle.
       You can request, your own image, Birds, Flower etc.
       No extra charge.

Q.   Can I have a picture of my pet and is there a charge?

A.    You can have your pets picture.  Message for extra charge.

Q.   Do you engrave your signs?

A.    Yes we V Carve our signs, with a CNC Machine, below a little information -
        One of the things that CNC machines do well is V Carving.
        V Carving is a type of carving  that uses a “V” shaped bit to create cutouts that vary
        in width,  with the cut being narrowest closest to the tip and wider towards the top.
        The deepest point of a V Carved tool path is along the centre of the letter or figure
        being carved. When you create V Carved letters you also raise the router bit as you
        exit the letter so that the carved center line disappears inside the letter.
        V Carving is popular because it adds a feeling of depth to the signs.  Since the carved
        portion varies in depth,  the shadows created give the illusion of even more depth.